Urs-E-Mubarak - A Brief

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, an annual and very auspicious occasion, URS is joyfully and fervently commemorated throughout the township of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, FATEHPUR SIKRI , AGRA , UP, A great quote about Fatehpur Sikri has been written in Akbar's The Ain-i-Akbari , DAARO NOOR , DAARO SAROOR means a place for wish (mannaton waali jagah). Hazrat Saleem Chishti (R.A) passed his final days in this location.The twenty day long celebration of Urs is attended by devotees worldwide and is a divine manifestation of the people's emotions, with various ceremonies and celebrations highlighting each day. Days and Nights are spent praying to the Hazrat Saleem Chishti (R.A) in order to receive heavenly propitiation and blessings for his followers. people spend the nights in dhikr and the days in enjoying qawwalis. The atmosphere at the dargah of Hazrat Saleem Chishti ( R.A) is of utter solace and mysticism. On this auspicious occasion few people perform a specialized and distinctive singing known as the Badhaawa. They provide music for their recitals without the usage of musical instruments. After singing of the Badhaawa the ceremony of the Qu’L comes to an end and the Fatiha is recited. The end of the celebration of the Urs is ceremoniously by the firing of a cannon. It is a monumental event of national communal harmony, as it is filled up with a huge gathering of different castes and creeds of India and international tourists, who come here together to take blessings from Hazrat Saleem chisti ( R.A) and maintain the Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb.

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